Gelli Plate Class…

June 29, 2014

A friend of mine who used to own the Stampology store here in Chicago had a class last week where he demoed the new 3 x 5 Gelli Plate.  I have a bigger Gelli Plate but hadn’t really used it much, so I wanted to see what Dave had to show us on the smaller Gelli Plate.  It was great fun.  I had to take Dave’s advice and keep adding layers.  Sometimes the first layer or two don’t look very good.  But, just keep going.  Sometimes the back side of the paper looks better than the front!  As part of the class, we got a Gelli Plate and card makings for three different sizes of cards.  I made several gelli prints while I was there, and brought all the card fixing home to finish them off.  Here are the ones I have done.  The gelli print is the background on the focal point on each card. I used ink, paint, stencils, and other things to make marks in the paint to create the backgrounds.  Then I stamped on top of the background – usually in black ink.  (There are 12 pictures here.  Sorry for the long post.)  Thanks for stopping by.

















One Response to “Gelli Plate Class…”

  1. Linda W. Says:

    Great Gelli prints !!! Aren’t they loads of fun to make. Makes me want to get my plate out and play !!!

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