Summer Card Camp II – Stamping and Pencils

July 16, 2013

My last card I will post tonight uses the stamping and pencils technique from Week 1, Day 5.  This was a really fun technique.  I can see using it again.  I also used one of the additional color combos from Week 1, Day 5.   I used the one at the bottom – blue, pink, orange, grey and white.  I used Hero Arts shadow ink for the grey, which worked really well with the “hello” stamp.  I had to double stamp it sometimes, but the image turned out crisp.  For the pink and blue, I used Distress Inks – which gave me good color but not as crisp an image.  I had to double stamp the Distress Inks as well.  The circles turned out well with the Distress Inks, but the word is a little fuzzy.  I stamped the little flower images in an orangey-yellow Distress Ink per the color combo. I really did not like the orange with the rest of the colors, so I overstamped those little images with a soft grey to tone them down.  This was an interesting color combo – a stretch for me, but I enjoyed trying it out.





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