Making Fabric Paper

February 26, 2011

I’m a lurker at Mixed Media Art Friends.  They are running a swap where participants make fabric paper using muslin, a glue/water mix, other papers, fibers, etc. and tissue paper.  I had seen fabric paper tutorials before but never had the chance to try it.  So, I joined the swap, and here are my first pieces of fabric paper.  Basic technique is to mix glue and water roughly 1 to 1, lay muslin on something plastic like a trash bag and cover with the glue/water mix.  Add thin paper, fibers, whatever you want.  Make sure this layer is imbedded in the glue/water mix.  Leave space between pieces where the muslin shows.  The theory is to make it thin, so  you can sew with it. Then add a layer of tissue paper on top and another layer of the glue/water mix.  Let dry (at least 24 hours – maybe longer).  Peel off the plastic bag, and you have fabric paper. Here is a tutorial with pictures from Belinda who runs MMAF.

For my pieces, I sprayed Twinkling H20 Radiant Rain (by LuminArte) while they were still wet – gave them a nice shine.  I think the next batch I make, I might wait to add the color until everything is dry or use less color so you could see more of what is going on underneath.

For this first piece, I used a paper towel that had been a backdrop while I was working on something else. It had lots of blues, greens and purples.  I tore the paper towel into pieces and layered on the muslin.  Then I added some blue sparkly fiber.  I used a Sky Blue Radiant Rain color over the top with a little bit of Solar Gold throughout.

For the second one, I used some wide ribbon with roses in various shades of red and pink, with some green mixed in, as the middle layer.  I put the pieces really close together, so very little of the muslin shows.  Cranberry Radiant Rain on top.

For the third piece, I was going for a vintage look.  I layered torn pages from an old book onto the muslin and then added some black circle stickers with letters on them.  I stamped large numbers in a rusty brown ink on the white tissue paper before I glued it on. (Numbers are hard to see in the photo.) The Radiant Rain layer is Bronze Medallion.  This is one that I would have added less color on top.  It’s hard to see the other layers.  But that bronze Radiant Rain is really nice!  Thanks for looking.  I’ll post whatever I make out of the fabric paper I get in the swap.



5 Responses to “Making Fabric Paper”

  1. crafty dawn Says:

    This looks amazing and I am going to check this TUT out I have made FP once before and I did enjoy it. Looks like you have had a fabby time here

    Love Dawn xx

    • bowbates Says:

      Thanks, Dawn. It will be interesting to see what I kind of fabric paper I get back in the swap.

      Julie B.

  2. Shar B Says:

    Too cool! Fabulous looks!

  3. Terry Says:

    Love these papers! Thank you for visiting my blog. You will so love this book! It is an adventure and we all put our own little touches on the techniques. Enjoy!

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